Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cookies!!!!!! - This is not a recipe

The Cookie of the Gods

Please note: This is not a paid advertisement.

I really wanted something sweet today. And not just any ol' candy bar from the office vending machine. I wanted a real treat. A cookie or a brownie. Something homemade.

I remembered this cookie that I had from Jake's Gluten Free Market in Boise.  I also work about 4 miles away. I did what any reasonable person does. I got in the car and drove 8 miles (round trip) for a dang cookie.  Oh but they are good.  You non gluten free people wouldn't even taste the difference. You non gluten free people would sing its praises.

I love it. I also bought the chocolate chip cookies but I have not had one yet.  And I got some pizza dough mix so I will post a recipe once I have used that and let you know how it turned out.


  1. I haven't tried the monster cookie yet. But have had the pumpkin cupcakes and cherry chip... They are very, very too and so is the bread and brownie bites.. Love your blog and its nice to look here for tips like pizza that I need to try!

  2. You have to try the monster cookie. It really does taste like a gluten cookie. I love it.

    Thanks for the comment!