Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Messenger Pizza

So if you read my last post, which come on I think every one in the country did, you read that I have been eating gluten free for a couple months.  Well last week I got the Celiacs diagnosis so I must continue this annoying lifestyle.  But it is worth not getting sick.

Luckily a lot of restaurants are able to accommodate. Which is nice since we tend to eat out a lot.

Now last week was my husbands birthday and I wanted his sister and his family to make it but I knew it would be a long shot to ask them to drive into Boise on a school night so I offered to make the drive out to Nampa to meet them.

I googled restaurants in Nampa, ID to find a restaurant that; 1. We have not eaten at before and 2. One that I could have a decent meal.  I came across Messenger Pizza which serves gluten free pizza. Now the website said it was also a brewery so that sealed the deal. (note: the brewing is not up and running but I hear they have good beer) My husband loves a good dark beer so it seemed perfect.

Messenger Pizza is in downtown Nampa on 1st St.  The interior is very artsy, you would think you were in downtown Boise and I loved it.  Mismatched tables and chairs. There was piano, which we were informed we were more than welcome to jam on. 

I forgot to take notes and photos of the food so don't recall exactly what everyone ordered. All I know is I ordered the Hawaiian pizza on the gluten free dough and it was AMAZING!!! When you haven't had a decent piece of pizza for a couple months and then you find a really good gluten free crust it is like finding the holy grail.  Other people in my party took a taste and they loved it too. I was told the regular pizza and the beer was really good but I could not partake so I will have to take their word for it.

The atmosphere was great. We were the last people to leave and our kids were running through the building like crazy maniacs but the employees were awesome and took really good care of us and did not seem to mind our antics.

I highly recommend this place, especially if you are gluten free. You will not be disappointed and I think it is well worth the drive out to Nampa. Other pizza joints should take notes and realize that you can make a really good gluten free pizza. (I'm looking at you Flying Pie)

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