Thursday, February 21, 2013

Boise Fry Company

Boise Fry Company. If you live in the Boise area or if you know people who live in the Boise area or if you pass through the Boise area I would suggest going to The Boise Fry Company.

We eat here regularly and by regularly I mean ALL THE TIME. My husband is obsessed with this place. I think he may need an intervention.

The photo below shows my burger (with a gluten free bun) and some purple potato curly fries. That other large bowl of fries in the background......those are the famous bourgeois fries. They are fried in duck fat and I think every time you eat them an angel gets their wings. They cost $8.00 for a large order (that is the only size they come in) but I promise you they are so worth it. The hubby and I will share those and the kids will get either a curly fry or regular cut fry. They don't seem to care for the bourgeois fries but they are lowly kids, what do they know?

Now I have eaten my burger two ways. 1. with no bun and 2. with a gluten free bun.  The gluten free bun is one of the better tasting buns I have had, but I think I prefer it without the bun. Once you have had a regular hamburger bun here going to the gluten free is kind of difficult. Their buns are delicious. They are almost perfect and I am going to miss them. I have not completed the mourning process so I think I will go bun free from now on.

Now onto the dipping choices.  There are about 10 different dips to choose from. I have not tried all of them but I love the blueberry ketchup and the garlic aioli.  They are labeled so you can tell which ones are gluten and vegan free which is awesome. 

Go there, eat there and fall in love. Do not pass up the bourgeois fries because you just want a cheap meal. That is what McDonald's is for. Order the good stuff, you're worth it.

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