Friday, August 3, 2012

Rick's Press Room

So I know I am full of disclaimers but I have to explain myself some times.

With that said. Disclaimer:  I am not a professional food critic. I read somewhere that a good food critic will visit a place a couple times prior to writing a review about it. Well I don't know when I will ever be back as we do not live in the area and it is far from my work and for the reasons listed below:

Rick's Press Room  is located in downtown Meridian, ID. The hubby and I had met in that area to run an errand so we decided to get some lunch. Please keep in mind we are on our lunch breaks (we both work).

We walk through the door and there is a sign telling us to wait to be seated......we wait and wait. We can tell the waitress is slammed but I would at least like to be seated. We finally just sit at the nearest table to the door.

By the time we ordered and got our food we have been there over 40 minutes. Now normally I don't mind slow service but on my lunch break I start getting a little antsy.

I ordered the burger with bacon and Parmesan.

Now I saw nothing on the menu stating that they cook all their burgers rare. Normally I notice that kind of wording on a menu. I cut the burger open and this is what I found (as seen above). The food was really hot so we knew it was fresh but the bottom bun was already getting soggy from the bloody mess.

My hubby and I disagree on this next point.  I am under the assumption that a cook is going to cook my burger well done unless I ask for it another way. The hubby thinks that I should have asked for it well done....Now I have had my fair share of burgers in all kinds of different restaurants and I have never had one served to me that rare. The hubby's was equally rare so this must be the norm.

I decided to try and eat it anyways. The waitress was way too busy to even bother so I chose to just soldier on. The first two bites of that hamburger were heavenly. Just the right spices mixed with the Parmesan was  really good.  Then I realized I was wiping blood off my face and all of a sudden I felt like Hannibal Lecter. I couldn't eat it anymore. I ended up taking the bottom bun off and the meat which left me with a sort of B.L.T like sandwich made on half of a half of a bun..............I left there still hungry.

Truthfully I think to really make a good judgement call I would have to go back. Is there always just one waitress and one cook? If I ask for my burger well done will it actually be well done? Well I may never know the answer to that question. 

***Addition; I looked up the menu on line and I didn't see where it said that all burgers would be cooked rare (I can't even say medium rare) unless asked for otherwise.***

Bottom line I give it a C-

Not enough staff and raw hamburger = very late back to work and a feeling of cannibalism.

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